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Visiting Helsinki last week was a very pleasant experience. Meeting friends, seeing a lot of art and the beatiful city. Pictures from gallery “Sinne”, outside “Kiasma”, pub tram, eagle owl chicks.

A big bonus was when I discovered that Helsinki has it’s own special population of Eagle owls in the centre of the city. The chicks were easily visible from the streets and has become mascots of the city.

I’m not much of a football fan but this would make a match more interesting for me (Finland – Belgium, 2008):

I especially enjoy the part at 2:12 when the Finnish supporters start shouting “huuhkaja” (Finnish for Eagle Owl).



I had the pleasure of meeting Petri Loues and Olli Kiviluto in Vasa at first, and then in Seinäjoki. Very interesting and a lot of fun to see Petris inventions and instruments and to see Olli again. If you’re in Seinäjoki, go to the bar “Culture club still standing” to see Olli’s wall paintings in the backroom. Cool stuff. Had a great time at the “Bar 15” where the band “Eleanoora Rosenholm” was playing. Nice music.

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Beneath is a video of some of Petri’s instruments. In order of apperance: Jonga (acoustic echo machine), Paper mache Udu drum, Stereo Kazoo, Phaser Tube, Ceramic nose flute, Phaser Tube again, Plate Harp and Phaser Tube.