Namsskogan familiepark – utstilling 2013 fra Bamsestipendet 2012

Vi (Nina Gjølgasæther og jeg) åpnet utstilling i parken 22. juni.


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“Lydbilde” – Exhibition at Trondheim Kunstforening

“Chemical Conjuring” shown at Trondheim Kunstforening 10/1 – 10/2 -2013.

The installation “Chemical Conjuring” responds to alcohol fumes. By singing or breathing into the microphone different sounds will be triggered, but only if your breath contains alcohol. The sounds include drunken bums singing, bottles, domestic squabble, puking and other alcohol related stuff. The volume is dependant on the alcohol level.

Technical: An arduino gets values from a breathalyzer sensor and sends data to the program pure data running on an old pc. The PC is running the lightweigth OS “Crunchbang linux”. All software is open source.

Medlemsutstillingen Ørland/Bjugn-Kunstforening

Lydcollagen “Lyden av Ørland”,  som jeg lagde til arrangementet “Smaken av Ørland” sommeren 2012, stilles ut på medlemsutstillingen 10. januar 2013 i Galleri Hans på Ørland Kultursenter.  Lyttestolen utlånt av biblioteket  fungerer veldig fint.

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Scratch workshop and exhibition

“Our Toys”  Workshop at Remida in Trondheim 15. – 19. October 2012.  I was the main instructor for a workshop in programming robots with S4A (scratch) and controlling them with arduino, servos and sensors. An article about the project can be found here

Photos by Kai T Dragland


Later the girls had the opportunity to exhibit their creations at NTNU for the professors and others:

Photos by Audun Eriksen

Virtual bike tours

I was asked to think of ways to promote Ørland at a public stand and I’m building a “virtual bike ride” installation. Ørland is completely flat and a very nice way to see the area is to go by bicycle. The participants sits on the bike and controls the video by pedaling through them. I’m using Pure data, Gem and Arduino. I built a small rectifier to convert the current from the dynamo to something the arduino can read more easily. The bike will be shown in Trondheim the 4th of August at “Smaken av Ørland”.

Cuckoo clock nesting boxes


I’m working on a project where I will show my bird related art at a local gallery. The project involves streaming from my cuckoo clock nest boxes. Here’s a clip of the first time a blue tit entered the nesting box.

I put a window of opaque plastic in the roof of the box which seems to make the birds weary. We’ll see how it goes the next few days. A pair of blue tits seems interested and have visited several times. I used a cheap but surprisingly good webcam, usb extender cord with amplifying circuit, open source motion detection software (“motion” on Linux).

Update: The blue tits moved in to the other nest box. It also has a camera system. It is a bigger box meant for great tits and there’s some fighting between the blue tits and some great tits. The blue tits seem to hold their ground, and I hope they still manage when the pied flycatcher arrives. I will be streaming live soon.

Here’s a video from 3 years ago: